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Navigating the aging process can be difficult for families.  Whether it is becoming accustomed to the changes of insurance and increased health care cost, or becoming aware of the potentials for isolation that can lead to injury and even financial exploitation, it is a trying time for aging seniors and their beloved family members.

The dynamics of a family can change quickly when the primary caregivers, our patriarchs and matriarchs, begin to need more care with aging.  Although a natural and expected part of life, as people live longer with advancements in treatment, this process can lead families to become frustrated and confused not only with each other, but also with once trusted friends and professionals.  

It is during this time that the focus on asset protection may be the very last thing on anyone's mind, and it is at this time that both seniors and their families may need a trusted, neutral party to help the family navigate these changes together, with a focus on the wishes of the senior, their care and well being, and keeping the family together.  This is where family mediation and elder advocacy can help families focus on what's important, each other, while continuing to protect their legacy.  

A family mediator can help the family upholding the plans that were originally put in place, help interpret directives and discuss when to act or seek support to decide, and also help spot areas that could lead to financial exploitation during any transition periods that lead to vulnerability.  

An elder advocate can step in for families and seniors as an authorized representative to investigate, help navigate, or coordinate with third parties when there are situations that is causing the senior and family concerns.  Some examples could be question about rights and cares received in a care facility, providers not appearing to follow directives provided, or even questions related to unexplained charges or payments that have been made and whether or not they are legitimate.

Another aspect of aging is the unfortunate potential need to enter a hospital for an extended stay or enter a nursing facility, whether temporary or permanently.  Our experienced attorneys can help our clients with available solutions for estate protections, and primarily help them understand what they can expect with a stay in a hospital or nursing facility, and how that may impact their estate plan.

In the most unfortunate cases, there are proven acts of exploitation of vulnerable adults, which may result in many cases in charges being pressed, and can also lead to litigation.  Although it is our hope that this type of action never reach the lives of our clients and people in our community, we understand that it is a real threat to our aging population.  We offer litigation for our estate planning clients and their families that experienced financial exploitation as a vulnerable adult, having a direct impact their developed estate plan.


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